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Garmin POI Geodeg download and install guide.

February 7, 2012

"POI" stands for "Point of Interest" or "Place of Interest". Simply put, it is a location that is relevant to someone. In technical terms it is a named geographical coordinate that is an intersection between a latitude and longitude measure. POIs are used on GPS-enabled devices (like Garmin) to create a relevant destination point on a map for an end-user.

If you already own Garmin device, you should know the value it provides in getting you places you want to go. However, some standard pre-loaded POI information are either out-of-date, incorrect, missing, and not personally relevant.
Geodeg contain about 20 million downloadable GPS places, in 237 countries around the world, which can be converter to garmin CSV or GPX file format.
Example Garmin preloaded Airport POI:
Example garmin poi on mibile software

Geodeg usage guide.

Geodeg - makes it easy for you to search, create, share and enable simple transfer of POI data for usage on your GPS-enabled navigation device or maps.
The benefits of
Geodeg are numerous:
    - Single-source of access to a very broad range of Points of Interest (POIs)
    - Find and easily create POIs that are relevant to you, and upload them to your GPS-enabled device or maps to get you there fast.
    - It is 100% free for end users
    - Global multi-language database, Contains 20 million places in 237 countries

  • 1. First of all, enter name, category or location of searched gps point, also you can specify country and language. input screenshot
    This query, will search all English Language
    Abandoned GPS places in United States Virginia (or POI's, that contain keyword "Virginia" in their name)

  • 2. Select Poi's manually, or press "Select All" to select all places (on this page)
    Then press "Add selected to POI list". Marked Points will be added to your personal poi list.

    gaodeg select poi screenshot

    Check other pages, select and add relevant poi's.

    geodeg other pages screenshot

    Enter another query, if you want add other type of poi to personal list.

  • 3. Click "Poi in file:" link near "Add selected" button to enter your personal poi list manager. poilist manager screenshot

  • 4. Select "GPs eXchange Format (gpx)" For garmin POI format download and enter digits from image.
    Your download will start automatically in ten seconds.
    Save .gpx file in new empty folder.

    To create icons for your custom POIs, read Garmin's help file:
    "POI Loader can associate customized bitmaps (.bmp) with the points in a data file if the .bmp has the same file name as the data file. For example, a customized bitmap named "Speed_30.bmp" would be associated with all the the points in the file named "Speed_30.csv" or "Speed_30.gpx." Bitmaps must be saved in the same directory as the associated data files. Your Garmin GPS device may have image size requirements. Most compatible Garmin products work well with icons that are 24x24 pixels or smaller. Bitmaps that do not meet those requirements may appear distorted when viewed on the unit's screen. Custom bitmaps can also include a transparent color. Most compatible Garmin products use magenta (RBG 255, 0, 255) as the transparent color. "

  • 5. Installing new Point of Interest files using Garmin Poi Loader
    POI Loader is free software for PC that lets you upload points of interest to compatible Garmin device
    a) Check your particular model's spec sheet for custom POI compatibility (Except of older Rino two way radio GPS units and Basic Handhelds, all of current garmin Outdoor and Automotive products are compatible with custom GPS Points)
    b) Download and install Poi Loader software from garmin website.
    c) Install POI Files to your GPS Unit using Garmin's POI Loader program.
        - Connect Unit to pc
        - After installation, POI Loader should run. If it doesn't, Start program manually.
        - Follow instructions of POI Loader to install Geodeg places to your garmin gps unit.

    Warning: Software loads ALL .csv and .gpx files that are located in selected POI folder at that time to your GPS unit. Each time you want to add a new POI to your Garmin device, you must add it in your POI folder on your computer and then re-send all of them. (The POI Loader erases old custom pois in the unit and replaces them only with the new ones you send.)

    garmin custom poi installed screenshot
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