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Udhailiyah ITC(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)
محطة فرس الغازية(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)stationمحطة فارس الغازية تلبعة لشركة كهرباء الشرقية وهي أحد المحطات التي تتبع إدارة المحطات الغازية بالقطاع الشرقي . تتكون المحطة من 13 وحدة غازية منها 8 وحدات من نوع جنرال الكتريك و 5 وحدات من نوع الوستنجهوس وتم مؤخراً إضافة
Utc Bldg 599(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)
Contractors camps - Uthmaniyah(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)Not approved
Uthmaniyah Gas Plant(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)gas, factoryA large gas plant operated by Saudi Aramco. Adjacent to the Udhailiyah Aramco compound.
Udhailiyah Compound(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)Residential compound to accommodate Saudi Aramco senior staff (grade 11+) in Udhailiyah. The smallest of Saudi Aramco's compounds. Engineers that work at Uthmaniyah, Shedgum and other remote oil/gas processing facilities live here.
Uthmaniah -Gosp -11(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)
Dowell Schlumberger Base(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)Schlumberger well services base.
Udhailiyah Airport(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)airportAirport owned and operated by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco). It services the community of Udhailiyah.
Tihama Power Generation Company(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)productionThis is the first of 4 power plants in saudi arabia for International Power and Saudi Oger.
Udhailiyah housing camp(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)Turn here for Udhailiyah housing camp
Dyego's place(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)Udhailiyah Camp
Ndt Udh(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)production
MSD building(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)This place i work
e.d. plant(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)arnold mendoza
UDH playground(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)This playground had witnessed many good and Professional players. ... So don't miss that wonderful playground...
t9(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)
t1(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)
t10(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)
t11(en)Saudi_Arabia / as-Sarqiyah / Taqbah (Udhailiyah)
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