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福山城 Fukuyama Castle(ja)Japan / Hiroshima / Fukuyama (福山市)
Wakayama Castle(en)Japan / Wakayama / Wakayama (Wakayama)castleWakayama Castle (和歌山城, Wakayama-jō?) in Wakayama, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, sits at the mouth of the Kii River. Originally Ōta castle, home of the Saiga Ikki, it was captured by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1585, during the Siege of Negoroji; many monks
Odawara Castle Grounds(en)Japan / Kanagawa / Odawara castle
小田原城(ja)Japan / Kanagawa / Odawara castle
오다와라 성(ko)Japan / Kanagawa / Odawara castle
Zamek Odawara(pl)Japan / Kanagawa / Odawara castle
Little part of Aoba Castle(en)Japan / Miyagi / Sendai (Sendai)
宇江城(ja)Japan / Okinawa / Tomigusuku castle, ruins, ueウエグスク城跡 Ue Castle Ruins Uegusuku Castle Ruins
Iwate Park(en)Japan / Iwate / Morioka (Morioka)castle, parkSite of the former Morioka (Kozukata) Castle, which was built by the Nanbu clan.;country=en
岩手公園(ja)Japan / Iwate / Morioka (盛岡市)castle, park岩手公園(いわて こうえん)は盛岡城跡に造られた岩手県盛岡市の公園 愛称:盛岡城跡公園 ライブカメラ;country=jp
Kokura Jyou (Kokura Castle) 小倉城(en)Japan / Fukuoka / Kitakyushu (Kitakyushu)castle
小倉城(ja)Japan / Fukuoka / Kitakyushu (北九州市)castle
Wakasa Onigajo(en)Japan / Tottori / Tottori (Wakasa Town)castleHere lie the remains of an old provencial castle, featuring mostly foundation and old stone blocks. "Oni" means ogre, giving this castle the English name Demon or Ogre Castle. Local myth claims that an evil prince once lived here many
Akashi Jo(en)Japan / Hyogo / Akashi (Akashi)castle, japanAkashi Castle
Toyama Castle Park(en)Japan / Toyama / Toyama (Toyama City)castle, park, (Toyama Sightseeing Guide)
富山城址公園(ja)Japan / Toyama / Toyama (富山市)castle, park, historic
Замок города Тояма(ru)Japan / Toyama / Toyama (Тояма)castle, park, historic
Sumpu Castle (Sumpu Park)(en)Japan / Shizuoka / Shizuoka (Shizuoka (city))castle, park, historicSumpu Park located in the center of Shizuoka city.
駿府城跡 (駿府公園)(ja)Japan / Shizuoka / Shizuoka (静岡市)castle, park, 大道芸ワールドカップ in 静岡 のメイン会場
Sunomata Ichiyajo Castle(en)Japan / Gifu / Hozumi This castle stands on the banks of River Nagara. The speciality of this castle is that its front side was built in a single night. This was done to show the other countries that Japan is not poor.
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