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Floreasca City Center - under construction - 131m(en)Romania / Ilfov / Voluntari (Bucharest)office building, project, shopping mall/center131 meters Floreasca City will become a city in the city, a new center for shopping, entertainment and business, just breathtaking and a class of its own. The site of Floreasca City is located in a booming urban district and
Floreasca City Center - in constructie(ro)Romania / Ilfov / Voluntari (Bucuresti)office building, project, shopping mall/center
E-Com Building(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Malanday (Marikina City)store / shop, building, shopping mall/centerE-Com Building is a shopping building attached to Riverbanks Mall. It is known to be the location of the first interactive science museum in the Philippines, Philippine Science Centrum. It focuses mostly on dining.
City Center Rosario, Rosario(es)Argentina / Santa_Fe / Rosario (Rosario)restaurant, casino, shopping mall/centerCity Center Rosario es el centro de entretenimientos más grande de Latinoamérica, pensado y diseñado para brindar todo lo que se desea en un solo lugar. Formado por tres áreas que son una perfecta combinación entre negocio y entretenimiento, este
Times Square Departmental Store (時代購物廣場)(en)China / Jilin / Jilin (Jilin City)store / shop, shopping mall/center
Centrum Handlowo-Rozrywkowe "City Point"(pl)Poland / Slaskie / Tychy (Tychy)store / shop, city, point, centre, shopping mall/center, tychy, art museum / art galleryCITY POINT to zlokalizowane w sercu Tychów centrum handlowo-rozrywkowe, na które składa się galeria handlowa z markowymi sklepami i lokalami usługowymi i nowoczesne 5-salowe kino. Na początku 2008 roku centrum powiększy się o obiekt gastronomiczno - rekreacyjny. Znajdą się w
Ogino Chino Shopping Center(en)Japan / Nagano / Chino (Chino City)store / shop, supermarket, shopping mall/center
Baclaran Galleria Shopping Mall(en)Philippines / National_Capital_Region / Manila (Pasay City)shopping mall/center, longest, fireplaceBurned down by a 14-hour long fire.
Shopping Center "Silver City"(en)Russia / Ivanovo / Ivanovo (Ivanovo)store / shop, shopping mall/centerShopping Center "Silver City" contain the most popular butiques "Roland" and "Tru Trussardi", these stores are the only authoraized distributor of GF Ferre, Just Cavalli, Trussardi Jeans, TRU Trussardi, Max Mara, Marina Rinaldi, Armani EA7, Emporio Armani, Ferre and etc.
Arena City Center(en)Romania / Bacau / Bacau (Bacău )store / shop, arena, mall, bacau
Kumho Asiana Plaza(en)Vietnam / Dong_Nam_Bo / Ho_Chi_Minh_City hotel, office building, shopping mall/center
Kumho Asiana Saigon(vi)Vietnam / Dong_Nam_Bo / Ho_Chi_Minh_City hotel, office building, shopping mall/center
Podomoro City(en)Indonesia / Jakarta / Jakarta (JAKARTA)office building, condominium, shopping mall/centerPodomoro City is a ongoing megeproject in West Jakarta. It currently under construction, but was topped off at 18 February 2009. Construction progress:
Podomoro City(id)Indonesia / Jakarta / Jakarta (DKI JAKARTA)office building, condominium, shopping mall/centerPodomoro City adalah megaproyek yang berlokasi di Jakarta barat. Proyek ini sedang dalam pembangunan, namun telah topping off pada bulan February 2009. Perjalanan Konstruksi di:
City Galerie(de)Germany / Bayern / Germering (Germering)store / shop, shopping mall/center, einkaufenEinkaufszentrum
Puente Hills Mall(en)USA / California / South_San_Jose_Hills (City of Industry)store / shop, shopping mall/
Shopping center "Galant City"(en)Russia / Kamcatka / Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy)store / shop, shopping mall/centerClothes, outerwear, footwear, jewelry, day-to-day goods, children's playroom.
Era Mall(en)Philippines / Western_Visayas / Bacolod (Bacolod City, Negros Occidental)shopping mall/center
Q Mall - An Ayala Mall(en)Philippines / Central_Luzon / Balibago (Angeles City)store / shop, shopping mall/centerShopping Mall
SM Mall of Asia Main Mall(en)Philippines / National_Capital_Region / Manila (Pasay City)store / shop, shopping mall/center
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