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Mitsukoshi Department Store & Teppan Edo Restaurant(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)store / shop, restaurant, epcot, worldshowcase, disney parkUpstairs: Teppan Edo Restaurant Downstairs: Mitsukoshi, world-famous Japanese department store
Epcot Production Services(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)office building, disney parkLoading docks, warehouse and administrative offices for Epcot
Disneyland Resort Paris(en)France / Ile-de-France / Chessy amusement park, resort, attractions, eurodisney, loisirs, draw only border, disney parkDisneyland Paris opened in April 12, 1992.
Parking Lot 30(en)USA / California / Highgrove (Riverside)parking, riverside, disney parkThe biggest parking lot at University of California, Riverside. Colloquially known as "Disneyland", due to size resemblence with parking lots at this Southern California theme park.
Disney Feature Animation - 100(en)USA / California / Burbank (Hollywood)animation, feature, disney parkWalt Disney Feature Animation Burbank Studios
Exposition Hall(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)attraction, mainstreet, magickingdom, disney parkThe entire area is devoted to film and camera history, and is the main area where you can pick up your photos for the day.
World Showcase Lagoon(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)lake, water, manmade, disney parkThe lake that IllumiNations: Reflections of Earthrnis performed on.
Grizzly Peak(en)USA / California / Garden_Grove (Anaheim)california, ride, disney parkOne of the icons for Disney's California Adventure Can be viewed from many places within the park
Vista Way Apartments(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista cast, apartment building, disney parkNot quite the original home of the Disney College Program members, but home to those crazy college kids for most of the program's tenure.
Discovery Island(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)island, disney parkDiscovery Island, also known as "Bay Lake's Tropical Island Paradise," is an 11½-acre island in Bay Lake at Walt Disney World Resort. It opened as "Treasure Island" on April 8, 1974, and was a place to observe wildlife. It was
Bay Lake(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)lake, water, natural, disney parkA natural lake that was cleaned and expanded during the construction of Walt Disney World.
Seven Seas Lagoon(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)lake, water, lagoon, manmade, disney parkMan-made lake created when Walt Disney World was built.
Storm Rider(en)Japan / Chiba / Urayasu (Urayasu)rides, disney park
Space Mountain(en)Japan / Chiba / Urayasu (Urayasu)amusement park, rides, disney park
Disney's Boardwalk Inn(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)hotel, resort, deluxe, disney parkA Disney Resort Hotel and Conference Center On AllEarsNet:
Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI)(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)office building, disney parkWalt Disney Imagineering office... where all the ideas come from.
Flying Fish Cafe(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)restaurant, resort, disney parkOne of Walt Disney World's best restaurants!
Villas at Wilderness Lodge(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)hotel, timeshare, disney parkThese are different room types than in the green roof building next door (Wilderness Lodge) - the rooms range from Studio to 2 Bedroom in size - they are part of a timeshare called Disney Vacation Club ("DVC"). The theme
Boat Lauch to Magic Kingdom and Polynesian Resort(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)boat, dock, disney parkA boat launch area where boats arrive from the Magic Kingdom and then go to Polynesian and then back to the Magic Kingdom
Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)resort, timeshare, contemporary, disney parkThe Bay Lake Tower is the newest Disney Vacation Club property . Constructed with linear curve architecture, it connects to the original Contemporary Resort building via a raised walkway.The walkway requires a key-card to get across. The key-card is ONLY
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