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National Museum(en)Qatar / Doha / Doha (Doha)museumCheck opening times, but even then, they are rarely accurate.
Matsuyama Castle (松山城)(en)Japan / Ehime / Matsuyama (Matsuyama)castle, japan, museum, Tel. +81 089-921-4873 Open: 08:30-16:30, closed 12/29 Situated on the 130m tall Katsuyama Hill in the center of the city, this sprawling fortress is one of three multi-wing, flat hilltop castles remaining in Japan. It was constructed by
OId Salem(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem museum, historic, district, Old Salem is a living history museum that operates within the restored Moravian community Salem. Salem was originally settled in 1766 by Moravians, members of a Protestant faith that first began in 1457 in the Kingdom of Bohemia, now
Grand Palace of Peterhof(en)Russia / Sankt_Petersburg / Petrodvorets (Saint Petersburg)palace, museum, UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed buildingThe largest of Peterhof's palaces looks truly imposing when seen from the Lower or Upper Gardens, but in fact it is quite narrow and not overly large. Of its approximately thirty rooms, several deserve mention. The Chesma Hall is decorated
Doge's Palace(en)Italy / Veneto / Venice (Venice)palace, The Doge's Palace (Italian Palazzo Ducale) is a gothic palace in Venice. The current palace was largely constructed from 1309 to 1424 on 9th century origins, designed perhaps by Filippo Calendario. Giovanni and Bartolomeo Buon created the so-called Porta
Peggy Guggenheim Collection(en)Italy / Veneto / Venice (Venice)museum, artThe Peggy Guggenheim Collection is a small museum on the Grand Canal, housed in an unfinished 18th century palace and containing works by Picasso, Dali, Brancusi (including a sculpture from the Bird in Space series) and Pollock. The Peggy Guggenheim
Gallerie Ravagnan(en)Italy / Veneto / Venice (Venice)art, art museum / art galleryHome of artist Andrea Vizzini
Single Brothers House(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)museum, historic, salem, houseMany of the Salem craftsmen were single brethren so, early in the settlement, the Single Brothers House was built. The right-hand section, done in half-timbered construction, was raised in 1769. Later, when expansion was needed, an all-brick section came along
Miksch House(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)museum, historic, salemThe Miksch House, built of logs in 1771 and covered in clapboard and painted soon thereafter, was the first house built in Salem to be occupied by a single family. Prior to this time, the First through Fifth Houses, located
Vierling House(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)museum, salemThe Vierling House, built well north on Church Street not far from God's Acre in 1802, was home to Dr. Samuel Benjamin Vierling and his family. Trained in Berlin, at the age of 24 Vierling was called to Salem as
Palace Monplaisir(en)Russia / Sankt_Petersburg / Petrodvorets (Saint Petersburg)museum
Vogler House(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)museum, historic, salemJohn Vogler and his wife and children lived in this brick house starting in 1819. Today, we interpret the house to about 1840, one of the "later" buildings in the tour. John was a silversmith and a watchmaker, represented by
Salem Tavern(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)museum, historic, salemThe Salem Tavern museum building dates to 1784, when it was reconstructed after an earlier wooden Tavern burned to the ground. The Tavern was an important facility and by far one of the best of its kind for miles around
T. Vogler Gunsmith Shop(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)store / shop, museum, historic, salemOld Salem's newest interpretive building demonstrates the fine artistry of gunsmithing, including a working forge for metal work, woodworking and tooling. A free-standing trade shop, the Timothy Vogler Gunsmith Shop was restored and returned to its original size and shape.
Shultz Shoemaker Shop(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)store / shop, museum, historic, salemThe Shultz Shoemaker Shop was erected in 1827 by Samuel Shultz, after he had run his shoemaking business from his home for eight years. Today, leatherworking for shoes, leather buckets and other goods continues daily, though it may be closed
St. Philips Moravian Church(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)church, museum, historic, salemThe oldest standing African American church in the state of North Carolina. In the early years of Salem, from the late 1760s through about 1820, enslaved Africans and African Americans played a significant role in the creation and construction of
The Boys' School(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)museum, historic, salemThe Boys' School was constructed in 1794, part of the dedication of the Moravians to education for young people. Nearby, today's Salem Academy and College are evidence that young women were also actively educated here, in one of the earliest
Kunsthaus Graz "Friendly Alien" Art Gallery(en)Austria / Steiermark / Graz (Graz)museum, New art house, built for Graz's year as the European Culture Capitol, 2003
Vyborg Castle(en)Russia / Leningrad / Vyborg (Vyborg)castle, museumBuilt by Kingdom of Sweden in 13th century ♣
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center(en)USA / Florida / Port_Saint_John interesting place, visitor, centre, museumSR 405, Kennedy Space Center, FL, 32899 (866) 737-5235
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