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Native house park(en)Philippines / Southern_Mindanao / Davao (Davao City)museum, park, interesting place
Gusaling Museo ng Sta. Rosa, Laguna(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Santa_Rosa (Santa Rosa City)museum
World Peace Center(en)Philippines / Ilocos / Batac (Batac, Ilocos Norte)museum, interesting place
Casa de Comunidad de Tayabas(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Tayabas (Tayabas City, Quezon)museum, library, landmark, courthouse, function, historic landmark
Philippine Science Centrum(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Malanday museum, science
La Union Museum(en)Philippines / Ilocos / San_Fernando (San Fernando City, La Union)museum
Sta.Monica Museum(en)Philippines / Ilocos / Pagudpud museum, art museum / art gallery
University Museum(en)Philippines / Northern_Mindanao / Dologon
Ricarte National Shrine(en)Philippines / Ilocos / Batac (Batac, Ilocos Norte)museum, shrine
Museo de Loboc(en)Philippines / Central_Visayas / Albuquerque (Loboc Town Proper,)church, museum, art museum / art gallery
Eco-Museum(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Montalban (Quezon City)museum, park, eco
La Mesa Eco-Park Organic Farm(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Montalban (Quezon City)park, farm, organic, open air museum
Museum of Natural History (MNH), UPLB(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Masaya
Silliman University(en)Philippines / Central_Visayas / Dumaguete (Dumaguete City)museum
Ramos - Dizon Museum(en)Philippines / Western_Visayas / Bacolod (Bacolod City, Negros Occidental)museum
Antique Provincial Capitol - Old(en)Philippines / Western_Visayas / San_Jose (San Jose, Antique)museum
Sibale Public Library(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Tambong (Concepcion (Sibale))museum
Sulu Museum(en)Philippines / Muslim_Mindanao / Anuling museum
Baliwag museum(en)Philippines / Central_Luzon / Baliuag museum
Municipal Library(en)Philippines / Southern_Tagalog / Romblon (Capaclan)museum
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213 results

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