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Former Sala Thai(en)USA / Virginia / Arlington abandoned, closedThai restaurant.
Manchester Cemetery, Wheeling, WV(en)USA / West_Virginia / Wheeling (Wheeling, West Virginia)cemetery, abandonedProbable site of an old, but uncared-for cemetery. "At the top of Rock Point Road, as the road tops the hill and makes a left turn going toward Wheeling, the cemetery is on the right." See also Photos :
Señor Iguana's Mexican Restaurant (closed)(en)USA / Virginia / Norfolk (Virginia Beach)abandonedFormer site of Señor Iguana's Mexican Restaurant. Previously Ragazzi's Italian Restaurant. Currently vacant.
Former Super K-Mart(en)USA / Virginia / Virginia_Beach (Virginia Beach)abandonedClosed in 2009
Goodys (NOW CLOSED)(en)USA / Virginia / South_Boston abandoned, vacant
Old JPS Apparel Plant (Abandoned)(en)USA / Virginia / South_Boston production
CompUSA (NOW CLOSED)(en)USA / Virginia / Woodbridge abandoned, vacant
Former Circuit City(en)USA / Virginia / Bull_Run abandonedClosed
hhgregg (future)(en)USA / Virginia / Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg, VA)store / shop, electronics, abandoned, appliancesFormerly a Circuit City. It sat vacant for awhile and is now being converted into an hhgregg store.
Former Steve & Barry's(en)USA / Virginia / Narrows abandonedOn the second level.
Baja Fresh (former)(en)USA / Virginia / Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg, VA)abandonedMexican
Tweeter (former)(en)USA / Virginia / Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg, VA)abandoned
Norfolk Southern Line -Calverton to Warrenton (Abandoned)(en)USA / Virginia / Warrenton The abandonment of the northern section of the branch occured in 1989. The branch leaves the NS (Southern) main at Calverton, and heads northwest through Casanova to a quarry near the corner of Meetze Rd (Rte 643) and Turkey Run
Abandoned railroad bridge(en)USA / Virginia / Pocahontas bridgeThis belonged to the Atlantic Coast Line.
Former Sunoco(en)USA / Virginia / Huntington abandoned
Former Domino's Pizza(en)USA / Virginia / Huntington abandoned
Johnson's Auto Body Shop- (Gone now)(en)USA / Virginia / Merrifield abandoned, interesting placeJohnson's auto body shop, a seventy-year-old building decorated with all sorts of unusual odds and ends was a local architectural anomaly. Demolished in 2008 to allow for the widening of the intersection.
Formerly Winn Dixie(en)USA / Virginia / Fredericksburg abandoned
Linens N Things (former)(en)USA / Virginia / Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg, VA)abandoned
Dover Airport (abandoned)(en)USA / Virginia / Chesapeake (Chesapeake, VA)airport, Second World War 1939-1945, military, historic
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131 results
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