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Hassler Health Home (site)(en)USA / California / Emerald_Lake_Hills (San Carlos)abandonedThis was once the site of a tuberculosis sanitarium, which operated between 1926 and 1972. It is now a part of the 293-acre Pulgas Ridge preserve. The sanitarium was purchased by the MROSD in 1983. Two years later all the
Abandoned - 280 Vista Point 3(en)USA / California / Belmont (San Carlos)abandonedAbandoned Sites and Buildings Series This is an abandoned rest stop / vista point off the I-280 freeway. It is only accessible heading North and provides a ramp to continue going North. The exit is blocked off by signs and
Central Square (abandoned)(en)USA / Texas / Houston (Houston)square, central, midtown, houstonCentral Square, Midtown, Houston, TX
Entrance to Abandoned Tunnel(en)United_Kingdom / Scotland / Bishopbriggs (Glasgow)tunnel, abandoned, ----Entrance to Abandoned Tunnel
Former O.T.C. Residences(en)Australia / New_South_Wales / Richmond-Windsor site, house, abandonedSite of O.T.C. Residences, Doonside Rd, Doonside, NSW Abandoned since the 1990's when Telstra decommissioned the O.T.C. Radio Site at Doonside, and demolished in the late 1990's.
U.S. Air Force Malabar Transmitter Annex(en)USA / Florida / Palm_Bay (Palm Bay)airport, military, abandonedThis former airfield was constructed in 1943 to support naval aviation training. It was closed as an airfield in the mid 1950s. Malabar is still under control of Patrick Air Force Base, which uses the site for training activities.;page=1
Rodeo Grounds(en)USA / Montana / Ballantine rodeo, abandonedHigh school rodeo competitions used to get held here, but it has been abandoned for decades.
Former Circuit City(en)USA / Michigan / Taylor (Taylor, MI)abandoned
HM-95: Abandoned NIKE Missile Fire Control Site(en)USA / Florida / Kendale_Lakes abandoned, closed - militaryNuke missile site from the Cuban Missile Crisis era, decommissioned in 1979. The former site of the launch facility is located about a mile north of this site, and is now used a detention center for illegal immigrants. Despite a
Phipps Bend Nuclear Reactor Site.(en)USA / Tennessee / Surgoinsville (Surgoinsville,TN)site, abandoned, reactor, nuclearTVA nuclear site abandoned in the early 1980s after a fair amount of work had been done on the plant.
Phoenix Iron Company(en)USA / Pennsylvania / Phoenixville steel, ruins, abandoned, brownfield, cannon, iron, nails, ppg, ironworksThe now abandoned site of the Phoenix Iron Company (later the Phoenix Steel Corp.). Orignally founded in 1790 as a nail works. The site is best know for producing the Phoenix Column, used in early iron bridges and skyscrapers; and
Milwaukee Boys Technical High School (old building)(en)USA / Wisconsin / West_Milwaukee (Milwaukee)building, school, high, technical, historic, abandoned, demolished, demolishCurrently being demolished as of July 2006, this was the Milwaukee High School for Technical Trades (Home of the TROJANS, as the side of the building proudly proclaimed). Listed on the national historic buildings register, the initial portion of the
Former Pabst Brewery(en)USA / Wisconsin / Milwaukee (Milwaukee)brewery, milwaukee, abandonedF. Pabst Brewing Company was founded in 1844 under the name Best Empire Brewery. In 1879, a fire destroyed most of the brewery complex. The brewery was renamed in 1889 after Frederick Pabst, who assumed control of the company in
Sears Hardware (closed)(en)USA / Wisconsin / Greendale sears, abandoned, home improvement / hardware store, redevelopmentFormer Sears Hardware store, closed late 2005. Currently under renovation to become something else as of June 2006.
Drug Emporium (closed)(en)USA / Wisconsin / Greendale pharmacy, abandoned, vacant, emporiumFormer Drug Emporium site, now vacant. Closed 2003. The world won't be the same without "SAVINGS SO BIG YOU'LL NEED A SHOPPING CART!". Former Jewel Foods prior to Drug Emporium.
Day's Inn Hotel (abandoned)(en)USA / Texas / Houston (Houston)building, holiday, abandoned, inn, days, maharishiOld Day's Inn Building (abandoned) Originally built as a Holiday Inn in 1972, and later was a Days Inn, the Heaven on Earth Inn, then the Downtown Plaza (the last two incarnations owned by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).
Houston Union Station(en)USA / Texas / Houston (Houston)amtrak, abandoned, train stationHouston's Union Station was the main passenger train station in the city. Amtrak's Lone Star was the last train using Union Station, until July 31, 1974. Amtrak now serves the city from their station located one mile to the northwest.
Burger King (closed/abandoned)(en)USA / Minnesota / Anoka (Anoka, MN)king, minnesota, hamburgers, vacant, anokaThe first of many Burger Kings closed in the metro area, this Burger King went dark in 1999 and never looked back. Will soon be torn down for indetermined redevelopment.
ex-soviet Russian Sam Base (abandoned)(en)Russia / Novosibirsk / Mochishche Looks like the PVO or Air Defense Artillery Base to protect nearby nuclear missile bases.
Unfinished and abandoned constructions(en)India / Maharashtra / Pune_Cantonment (Pune)construction, abandonedUnfinished and abandoned RCC constructions. These are used by people from nearby slums for rest during the day who come to feed their donkeys, goats etc. and to do other petty work
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