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Abandoned Railroad Bridge(en)USA / Minnesota / Bemidji hiking, railway, rail-trail, bridge, railway bridgeThe Minnesota and International Railway stretched from Brainerd to the Canadian Border at International Falls, crossing over the Mississippi River on this bridge. The M&I served Minnesota's logging industry, and lasted until 1941, when it was acquired by the Northern
Third Welland Canal(en)Canada / Ontario / Saint_Catharines-Niagara (City of Thorold)canal, abandonedRoute of the third Canal built in 1887.
Third Welland Canal locks(en)Canada / Ontario / Saint_Catharines-Niagara (City of Thorold)canal, abandonedThird Welland Canal built in 1887
Abandoned Railroad Bridge(en)USA / Minnesota / Bemidji railway, abandoned, logging, bridge, railway bridgeThe Minnesota, Red Lake and Manitoba Railway was one of the many logging railroads that operated in northern Minnesota during the early 1900s. It does happen to have the distiction of building the uppermost railroad bridge over the Mississippi River,
Abandoned Railroad Bridge(en)USA / Minnesota / Bemidji (Bemidji, Minnesota)railway, abandoned, bridge, railway bridgeFormer Minnesota and International railroad bridge. The Minnesota and International Railway owned one of the 4 railroad bridges crossing the Mississippi River into Bemidji. The M&I stretched from Brainerd to the Canadian Border at International Falls, passing through Nymore. Bemidji
Abandoned Railroad Bridge(en)USA / Minnesota / Warba railway, abandoned, bridge, railway bridgeThis railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River was built by the Mississippi, Hill City and Western Railway Co, probably in 1910. The MHC&W became the Hill City Railway Company in 1915. This rail line ran from a connection with the
Former Hypermart USA & Walmart Supercenter(en)USA / Missouri / Raytown abandonedFormerly Hypermart USA From 1989-1992 & Walmart Supercenter 1992-2007
Abandoned Ferry Crossing 4(en)Russia / Moskovskaja_Oblast / Zaprudnya (Запрудня)disappeared objectFerry was closed in late 80s - earlier 90s. Concrete ramps and pavilions remain. Replaced with irregular boat crossing. After ending of navigation, pontoon footbridge is placing.
Ampitheatre(en)Australia / Western_Australia / Perth (Perth, Western Australia)university, theatre, abandoned, amphitheatreIt's a shame they don't use this any more.
Заброшенная база ПВО (С-200, С-300)(en)Russia / Jaroslavl / Pereslavl-Zalesskiy military, abandoned, samВообщем-то ничего необычного - банальная заброшенная база ПВО. Какая то сволочь это места из викимапии удалила, хотя хабара никакого там нет и место всем известное. При посещении данного места стоит быть очень осторожным - можно напороться на арматуру, запросто упасть
Abandoned truck stop at Timpie, Utah(en)USA / Utah / Grantsville stop, abandoned, truck, petrol / gas stationClosed down ca. 1990. In 2004 it was being used as a paintball playing field. In late 2007 the structures were no longer present. . The Teddy Bear truck stop was a great place to eat.
Former Circuit City(en)USA / Texas / Bishop_Hills abandoned2510 S Soncy Rd Amarillo, TX 79124 Mon-Thurs 10am-9pm Fri-Sat 10am-10pm Sun 11am-7pm
B&O Youngstown Station(en)USA / Ohio / Youngstown (City of Youngstown)amtrak, abandoned, train stationThe B&O Station was Amtrak's passenger station in Youngstown. It was used by the Three Rivers passenger train until it was cancelled on March 8, 2005.
Abandoned Factory(en)USA / Alabama / Carbon_Hill (Carbon Hill, AL)production
Mouth of Welland River (Chippawa Creek), and original route of the first Welland Canal(en)USA / New_York / Niagara_Falls (City of Niagara Falls, Ontario)river, canal, dam, abandonedThe mouth of the Welland River (also known as Chippawa Creek). This was the original route of the first Welland Canal but was changed after 3 years of operation to use a section of the Feeder Canal and continue south
Entrance of the Feeder Canal(en)Canada / Ontario / Dunnville canal, abandonedEntrance of the Feeder Canal and used for navigation as part of the Second Welland Canal.
Old Blackwater Bridge(en)USA / Missouri / Warrensburg truss, abandoned, grafitti, interesting place, bridgeThis is a historic bridge built in 1927 which closed when the new highway was built back in the '70s. The road is actually closed off on both sides, but you can still get to the bridge on foot if
Railroad Bridge built 1910 for Lackawanna Cutoff Railway Project(en)USA / New_Jersey / Netcong railway, tunnel, abandoned, overpass / flyoverRailroad Bridge built 1910 for Lackawanna Cutoff Railway Project Road tunnel underpass. Line abandoned
Former Minneapolis Western Bridge(en)USA / Minnesota / Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)railway, abandoned, invisible, railway bridgeThe Minneapolis Western Railway crossed the Mississippi River on a trestle at this location. Minneapolis Western was a terminal railway operating limited trackage on both sides of the river. The bridge was abandoned and dismantled years ago, and very little
The Depot(en)USA / Minnesota / Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)railway, historic, abandoned, train stationThe Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Depot Freight House and Train Shed (commonly referred to as the Milwaukee Road Depot), now officially named The Depot, is a historic railroad depot in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. CMSP&P served Minneapolis from this
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