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Innoventions(en)USA / California / Garden_Grove (Anaheim)attractions, disney parkPrevious history: Carousel of Progress 1967-1973 America Sings 1974-1988 Storage and Offices 1988-1998
Pirates of the Caribbean(en)USA / California / Garden_Grove (Anaheim)pirates, ride, disney parkOpened in 1967. The ride features two waterfalls which carry the riders below the tracks for the Disneyland Railroad into the main show building. At the beginning of the ride, park guests float lazily past The Blue Bayou restaurant.
Downtown Disney(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)store / shop, dining, amusement park, entertainment, complex, disney parkFantastic place to visit on a night-time...restaurants, bars, shops and a cinema...all with a Disney theme. Free parking and entry.
The Walt Disney World Swan (Westin)(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)hotel, disney park, resortThe Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, designed by Michael Graves, managed by Westin.
The Walt Disney World Dolphin (Sheraton)(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)hotel, disney parkWalt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, designed by Michael Graves, managed by Sheraton.
Monorail Station (Transportation & Ticket Center)(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)station, monorail, disney parkMonorail Hub and gateway to the Magic Kingdom
Main Street Train Station(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)ride, magickingdom, disney parkThis train rides around the Magic Kingdom, with additional stops in Frontier Land and Toon Town Fair.
Boat Launch(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)hotel, dvc, disney park"Friendships" to Magic Kingdom and back via Ft. Wilderness about every 15 minutes. Also smaller boat service to Contemporary Hotel and Ft. Wilderness about every 10 minutes.
Walt Disney Imagineering(en)USA / California / Glendale (Glendale)film, attraction, amusement park, marketing, production1245 Flower St. Glendale, CA 91201 (818) 544-7263 Campus for Walt Disney Imagineering, a unit of The Walt Disney Company. Most, but not all of these buildings are part of WDI. If in the area look for the address markers
Winnie The Pooh's Playful Spot - Playground CLOSED(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)world, park, resort, leagues, underwater, disney parkThe tree from Winnie The Pooh's Playful Spot is now been moved to The Winnie the Pooh ride. This is the OLD site for 20,000 leagues Under the Sea at Magic Kingdom. It was a strong favourite of many visitors
United Kingdom Pavilion(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)attraction, epcot, worldshowcase, disney parkDesigned to look like a typical British village, with buildings based on different periods of British architecture, including a castle based on Hampton Court, an imitation Regency terrace and a thatched cottage. It has British gardens (including a hedge maze).
Haunted Mansion(en)USA / California / Garden_Grove (Anaheim)house, ride, haunted, disney parkGrim grinning ghosts come out to socialize in this happy haunt. Sit back and relax in your own personal doom buggy as the ghost host gives you a tour. A great ride if you have some time to kill.
Disneyland City Hall(en)USA / California / Garden_Grove (Anaheim)disney park
Mayfair Mall(en)USA / Wisconsin / Wauwatosa store / shop, restaurant, food, mall, apple, discovery, time, cable, mayfair, image, warner, disney parkA higher-end suburban mall in the western suburbs of milwaukee. Features major anchors such as Marshall Fields, Boston Store, Barnes & Noble. Also features dining such as P.F. Changs, Maggianos, and Cheescake Factory. There's also a large AMC Movie Theatre.
Swiss Family Treehouse(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)attraction, magickingdom, disney parkClimb up multiple stories in a replica of the treehouse from the movie.
Ladies hostel PEC(en)India / Pondicherry / Pondicherry (Pondicherry)hotel, place, ladies, dolphins, disney parkThe Tharangini ladies hostel in PEC is one of the coolest hangin. It is a place of which every hosteller(gals) are proud of. Many parties, enjoyments, commenting from the rooms are the favourite things we disney dolphins do at tharangini.....
R.I.P. Disney World Boneyard(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)junkyard, disney parkIs this where Disney World puts its broken or obsolete stuff? I'm pretty sure those are the submarines from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in the lower right-hand corner.
Monorail and Train Roundhouse(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)train, roundhouse, maintenance, monorail, disney parkThe five monorail beams on the right and the building they lead into are the expansion to accommodate the Monorails of the Epcot line. This is where they fix and store all the Walt Disney World Monorails at night. Monorails
Disney Transportation - Epcot Bus Station(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)epcot, disney parkDisney bus transportation to Disney resort hotels and other Disney parks.
Tom Sawyer's Island(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)disney parkA place to relax or be active and wild! You can run through caves, across bridges and through forts or just sit in a rocking chair at Aunt Polly's Dockside Inn while eating frozen Lemonade. The choice is up to
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