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Blizzard Beach(en)USA / Florida / Celebration (Walt Disney World Resort)waterpark, disney parkone of Disney's two water parks. Home of Summit Plummit, which is 120 feet tall!
Yacht Club Main Entrance and Porte Cochere(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)disney parkCarport and Bellhop stand, entrance to reservations and concierge desk
Emporium Complex(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)store / shop, mainstreet, magickingdom, disney park2nd Largest Shop at Walt Disney World, Biggest inside any WDW theme park. Sale of disney merchandise
Cinderella's Castle (Tokyo Disneyland)(en)Japan / Chiba / Urayasu (Urayasu)tokyo, castle, disney parkCinderella's Castle at Tokyo Disneyland.
Crescent Lake(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)lake, manmade, disney parkMan-made lake between Boardwalk and Yacht and Beach Clubs.
Soarin'(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)epcot, ride, futureworld, disney parkSoarin' Over California, imported from Disney's California Adventure in California, is a virtual hang glider ride over some very scenic California terrain. On AllEarsNet:
Boulangerie Patisserie(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)epcot, france, bakery, worldshowcase, interesting place, disney parkGreat pastries and more.
Broadway - Bldg. 7(en)USA / Florida / Celebration (Walt Disney World Resort)hotel, disney parkGuest Rooms 7401 - 7664
All Star Sports Resort(en)USA / Florida / Celebration (Walt Disney World Resort)hotel, disney parkSports themed value resort.
City Hall - Guest Relations(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)service, guest, magickingdom, disney parkGuest Services location for the Magic Kingdom.
Walt Disney World Resort(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista city, resort, complex, property, interesting place, disney parkWalt Disney World Resort, often referred to as simply Walt Disney World or Disney World, is a major vacation resort most famous for its theme parks. The resort is owned and operated by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts segment
Goju-no-to Pagoda(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)replica, interesting place, disney parkPagoda temple, where drummers regularly perform.
The Brown Derby(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)restaurant, disney parkRe-creation of the famous Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood.
Dry Dock(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)maintenance, drydock, watercraft, disney parkDocking/Maintenance area for all WDW watercraft Transportation vessels for Bay Lake and Seven Seas lagoon.
Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains(en)France / Ile-de-France / Chessy (Chessy)park, ride, snow, disney parkDark ride based on the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Passengers board a car that passes several scenes from the movie. In the tower above the entrance, the evil queen can be seen peeking through the curtains
Downtown Disney Lego Store(en)USA / California / Garden_Grove (Anaheim)downtown, disney parkLego Store at Downtown Disney
Ex- Preview Center d'Eurodisney(en)France / Ile-de-France / Serris eurodisney, euro, espace, preview, disney park, Not approved
Salon Mickey(en)France / Ile-de-France / Chessy (Chessy)paris, resort, walt, disney park"Salon Mickey" is a private lounge at the entrance of the "Magic Kingdom" in Disneyland Resort Paris. It is reserved for every shareholder with 500+ shares in EuroDisney SCA (the holding that controls all of the resort in Paris). Shareholders
Downtown Disney Monorail Station(en)USA / California / Garden_Grove (Anaheim)downtown, monorail, disney park
Disney Boat Transportation(en)USA / Florida / Lake_Buena_Vista (Walt Disney World Resort)ferry terminal, dock, disney parkDock for ferryboats to the Ticket and Transportation Center
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