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Crown-Zellerbach Building(en)USA / California / San_Francisco (San Francisco)skyscraper, office building20 floors, 94 m, 308 ft, completed in 1959, San Francisco's first glass-walled tower, Designated city landmark on May 17, 1987.
505 Montgomery(en)USA / California / San_Francisco (San Francisco)landmark, skyscraper, high-rise24 floors, 100 m, 328 ft, completed 1988. This building starts at the base as an art deco building. Near the top it suddenly shifts to a modernist mansard shape and is crowned with a massive spike. On top sits
Embarcadero West(en)USA / California / San_Francisco (San Francisco)office building, skyscraper275 Battery Street San Francisco, CA 94104 34 floors, completed 1985.
Shaklee Terraces(en)USA / California / San_Francisco (San Francisco)skyscraper, high-rise444 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94105 38 floors, completed 1979. - Shaklee Terraces is also known as 444 Market and One Front Street, a San Francisco oddity. - The facade is a finely scaled flush aluminum skin. - Connected
One Rincon Hill (construction site, 54 floors, 2007) former Clock Tower site(en)USA / California / San_Francisco (San Francisco)skyscraper, high-rise, apartment building, Under constructionNow open. Buildings of One Rincon Hill: very tall condo buildings One Rincon Hill South Tower, 54 floors, 2007 One Rincon Hill North Tower, 45 floors, 2009 - Approved by the San Francisco Planning Commission on August 4, 2005.
McKesson Plaza(en)USA / California / San_Francisco (San Francisco)skyscraper, office building, movie / film location1 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94104 (415) 983-8300 38 floors, 1969. - McKesson HBOC is one of San Francisco's Top 5 head offices with sales of US$52 billion in 2002. - The Crocker Galleria is an open-air retail
office tower(en)USA / California / San_Francisco (San Francisco)skyscraper22 floors. The building was cantilevered over an existing garage, and was thus touted as the first office tower in the U.S. to occupy 129% of its site. The architects were recognized with an Honor Award from the American Institute
The Infinity I & II (construction site) 41 + 36 floors to open 2007(en)USA / California / San_Francisco (San Francisco)skyscraper, high-rise, apartment building, Under constructionFolsom, Main, and Spear Streets. Buildings of The Infinity The Infinity I, 41 floors, 2007 The Infinity II, 36 floors, 2007 During excavation in Summer 2005, construction crews unearthed a 125-ft long wooden ship approximately 20 feet below street level.
Lake Merritt Plaza(en)USA / California / Emeryville (Oakland)skyscraper27 floors, 1985.
CTBA(en)Spain / Madrid / Madrid (Madrid)skyscraperThe cuatro Torres Business Area is a business park consisting of four of Madrid's tallest skyscrapers (The espacio, Cristal, Sacyr Vallehermoso, and Repsol towers) located on the former site of Ciudad Deportiva of real Madrid. All 4 towers are expected
Estudiotel Alicante(en)Spain / Alacant / Alacant (Alicante)skyscraperThe highest building in Alicante with 30 floors and a cafe.
1001 Fourth Avenue Plaza(en)USA / Washington / Seattle (Seattle)square, seattle, skyscraper, street, fourthSeattle's fifth tallest building at 630 ft and 50 stories. One of Seattle's older skyscrapers built in 1969. It used to be commonly referred to as 'the big black box the Space Needle came in' since the Space Needle would
Holloway Circus Tower(en)United_Kingdom / England / Birmingham (Birmingham)skyscraper, apartment building, hotelIs the second tallest building in Birmingham and was completed in early 2006 by the Beetham Corporation. It has a curved face which follows the outline of Holloway Circus. The tower rises over 120 metres to dominate the skyline.
WaMu Center(en)USA / Washington / Seattle (Seattle)seattle, skyscraper, wamuNot pictured - but now the site of Seattle's sixth tallest skyscraper and future expansion of the Seattle Art Museum. 598 ft and 42 stories tall. Where Lala works
US Bank Centre(en)USA / Washington / Seattle (Seattle)bank, seattle, skyscraper, centre, united statesSeattle's 7th tallest building and many local's favorite skyscraper. 580 ft and 44 stories tall. US Bank Centre-photos on google maps: .
William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower(en)USA / Tennessee / Nashville (Nashville)tower, building, skyscraper, tennesseeThis is a popular state office building that houses state departments. Thousands of state employees work here each day. Before the completion of the Bellsouth Building, or the Batman Building, it was the tallest building in Nashville. Throughout the 1980's
Aurora Tower(en)Australia / Queensland / Brisbane (Brisbane)skyscraper, house, retailerThe Aurora Tower is a skyscraper in the Brisbane CBD Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is the tallest building in Brisbane. The building is 207 metres (679 feet) tall and has 69 floors. It comprises four floors of 18 penthouses, 54
Canterra Tower(en)Canada / Alberta / Calgary (Calgary)tower, office building, skyscraper
Main Tower(en)Germany / Brandenburg / Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main)tower, skyscraper, frankfurt, watchtower, panoramic view, bankTall skyscraper containing offices of the Hessische Landesbank (HeLaBa) and others. The roof of the building is open to the public (for a fee) and has excellent views. Also near the top are an upscale restaurant and studios of Hessische
Bank of America Tower(en)USA / Florida / Miami (Miami)tower, building, skyscraperfka: Centrust Building. Designed by I.M. Pei, it has a Metromover line going right through it, and a striking 'sky lobby' above the parking levels.
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