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City Tower(en)Czech_Republic / Prag / Prague (Prague)tower, city, skyscraper, pragueCity Tower is office building which was completed in 2008 as a reconstruction of an unfinished skyscraper. The building has 27 aboveground and 3 underground floors and is 109 metres high. It is the tallest building in the Czech Republic
residential block(en)Poland / Pomorskie / Gdansk (Gdańsk)house, skyscraper
Imperia Tower Construction Site(en)Russia / Moscow / Moscow (Moscow)skyscraper, Under constructionUnder construction. Imperia Tower is on site 4 of Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" is under construction. It will consist of 2 buildings, Building A and Building B. 60 floor building A will have around 70,110 square meters floor
Mercury City Tower(en)Russia / Moscow / Moscow (Moscow)skyscraper, Under constructionConstruction started in late 2005, and is planned to be completed by the end of 2008. It will be 380 m (1,247 ft) tall and have 70 floors.
Skyline Plaza(en)United_Kingdom / England / Basingstoke (Basingstoke)skyscraper, basingstoke, apartment buildingThe current IBM building shown on the map is now (at the time of writing) being re-done as a new block of flats in the town centre which will overlook the Eastrop Roundabout.
Churchill Plaza, Barclays Bank(en)United_Kingdom / England / Basingstoke (Basingstoke)office building, skyscraper, basingstoke, plazaThe large glass building towers over Basingstoke's Bus Station and the Eastrop Roundabout. It is currently used by Barclays, and has suffered several fires.
Antakalnis street, 37(en)Lithuania / Vilniaus / Vilnius skyscraperSkyscraper was built in 2002. Has 13 floors.
Workers House(Pilkington Road)(en)Uganda / Central / Kampala (Kampala )administrative building, skyscraperPlot 1 Pilkington Road Kampala NSSF HQ, Uganda (National Social Security Fund) Ground Floor Workers House P.O. Box 7140 Kampala Tel:+256 41 330755 Fax:+256 41 258646
"The World's Smallest Skyscraper"(en)USA / Texas / Wichita_Falls (Wichita Falls)skyscraper, interesting placeThe world's smallest sky scraper is located on LaSalle Street in Wichita Falls, Texas and is now called the McMahon Building and houses an antiques shop. According to legend a scam artist drew up plans for the building to lure
The Torch(en)United_Arab_Emirates / Dubai / Dubai (Dubai City)skyscraperNAME: THE TORCH LOCATION: DUBAI MARINA FLOORS: 84 HEIGHT: 345m USE: RES CONSTRUCTION START: 2006 CONSTRUCTION END: 2010 An iconic super tower, The Torch is without doubt amongst Dubai’s elite developments. Occupying an enviable location at the mouth of Dubai
Hamamatsu Act Tower(en)Japan / Shizuoka / Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu)skyscraper, interesting place, commercial building45-story commercial building. A giant harmonica in the sky. Hamamatsu's tallest and easily most iconic building. Well worth seeing.
BB&T Financial Center(en)USA / North_Carolina / Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, NC)bank, skyscraper, headquartersWorld Headquarters of BB&T Bank.
The Bow(en)Canada / Alberta / Calgary (Calgary)tower, office building, skyscraper58-story, 158,000 square meter (1.7-million-sq.-ft.) office building under construction. Built for the EnCana Corporation. When complete, it will be the tallest office building in Canada outside of Toronto.
Moscow Wedding Palace Construction Site(en)Russia / Moscow / Moscow (Moscow)skyscraper, Under construction, civil registry
Gold Tower 42(en)Cambodia / Phnum_Penh / Phnum_Penh (Phnom Penh)skyscrapertwo 42-storey skyscrapers sharing the first ten stories. under construction
Torre Mayor(en)Mexico / Distrito_Federal / Mexico_City (Mexico City)office building, skyscraper, tallestTorre Mayor is an office skyscraper located at Paseo de la Reforma #505. It is the tallest building in Mexico. It has a height of 225 metres 55 floors. It was developed by Canadian businessman carl Reichmann and was constructed
Trust Company of Georgia Building(en)USA / Georgia / Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia)skyscraperHight: 115 m Floors: 28 Finished: 1971
Pankrác Plain(en)Czech_Republic / Prag / Prague (Prague)tower, city, office building, business centre/ building, skyscraper, region, praguePankrác Plain is bussines center of Prague. This place has big future. Now there are three skyscrapers (City Tower, City Empiria, Hotel Panorama), City Tower is highest in Czech Republic. Next two skyscrapers are planned, and big shopping mall is
Duke Energy Center(en)USA / North_Carolina / Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)skyscraperCompleted
Lighthouse Towers(en)Czech_Republic / Prag / Prague (Prague)office building, skyscraperNice new office building in Holešovice. It is 80 meters high and has 19 floors.
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