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Electronics Heights/Penobscot Knob(en)USA / Pennsylvania / Laurel_Run tower, radio, televisionLocation of the majority of telecommunications facilities for the Wyoming Valley. Includes radio, TV, telephone and microwave towers and transmitters. Elevation 2122 feet.
WHMB TV- 40 Transmitter Tower(en)USA / Indiana / Noblesville (Noblesville, IN)tower, televisionLeSea Broadcasting
Cimishlian TV centre(en)Moldova / Cimislia / Cimislia (Chimişlia)tower, radio, television, mastTV and Radio broadcasting station, State Company "Radiocomunicatii" (radiocommunications)
TV Tower Lake(en)India / Bihar / Phulwari (Patna)tower, lake, televisionLake near TV Tower, Patna unmaintained ...
WESH-TV Transmitter Tower(en)USA / Florida / Orange_City tower, television, transmitter1,700 ft. transmitter tower for WESH-2 (analog signal only, digital signal is in the Bithlo/Christmas tower farm). Tower was built in 1980 to increase coverage into Ocala, Gainesville, Melbourne, Lakeland, and St. Augustine. An earlier 1,000 ft., tower was also
Sunny Beach TV Tower(en)Bulgaria / Burgas / Nesebar tower, transmitter, television broadcast station, radio tower
TV aerial(en)Ukraine / Krym / Parkove tower, television
Lazur restaurant and TV tower(en)Bulgaria / Varna / Varna restaurant, television broadcast station
Broadcast Tower for WGCL-DT, WTBS-DT, WATL-DT, WUVG-DT, WNNX-FM, WZGC-FM, WKHX-FM, WRFG-FM, others(en)USA / Georgia / North_Druid_Hills tower, television, fm, interesting placeBroadcast tower (also known as the Richland Tower site) shared by... TV Stations: WGCL-DT (19, Digital), WPCH-DT (20, Digital), WPCH (17, Analog backup), WATL-DT (25, Digital), WATL-TV (36, Analog), WUVG-DT (48, Digital), W04DB (4, Low Power TV), W24AL (24, Low
Belmont Transmitter(en)United_Kingdom / England / Horncastle tower, mast, transmitter, radio station, television broadcast stationThe Belmont transmitting station is a broadcasting and telecommunications facility, situated next to the B1225, one mile west of the village of Donington on Bain, near Market Rasen and Louth in Lincolnshire, England (grid reference TF217837). It is owned and
CHCH Television Tower(en)Canada / Ontario / Hamilton tower, ontario, hamilton, television, TV towerMain transmitter site for CHCH-TV, Hamilton, Ontario and CITS-TV, Burlington, Ontario.
Telecentru,Tele Radio Moldova(en)Moldova / Chisinau / Chisinau (Chişinău)radio, television, TV towerTelecentru is a part of the Capital of Moldova, Chisinau, we can find it on the highest part of Chisinau, "tele" means "Television", "centru" means the "centre" of the City! This region it isn't big but it has very beatifull
broadcasting towers(en)USA / Colorado / Littleton tower, radio, broadcasting, televisionPossibly for radio. Exact broadcasting purpose is currently not documented.
WTVD TV Mast(en)USA / North_Carolina / Clayton tower, television607.8 meter high guyed TV Mast, built 1978. Used by WTVD (11) and WTVD-DT (52).
KATV Tower(en)USA / Arkansas / Redfield tower, television, KATV Tower was a 2000 ft (609.6 m) tall TV mast (or antenna tower) built at Redfield, Arkansas, USA in 1965 at 34°28′24.0″N, 92°12′11.0″W. Its FCC registration and other sources claim it was built in 1967, but they
KCAU TV Tower(en)USA / Iowa / Hinton tower, television, KCAU TV Tower is a guyed mast for TV transmission in Sioux City, Iowa, USA at 42°35′11.0″N, 96°13′57.0″W. KCAU TV Tower was built in 1965 and is 609.9 meters (2000 feet) high. It is one of the
KWWL - Aflac Tower(en)USA / Iowa / Rowley tower, broadcast, AFLAC Tower is a tall guyed mast located at Rowley, Iowa at 42°24′2.0″N, 91°50′37.0″W in the United States. AFLAC Tower was completed in July 1984, and is 1999 ft (609.4 m) tall with appurtenances and 1866 ft (568.8 m)
Hearst-Argyle Tower(en)USA / California / Walnut_Grove antenna, TV tower, television broadcast stationHearst-Argyle Tower is a guyed mast for TV-broadcasting at Walnut Grove, California, USA at 38°15′54.0″N, 121°29′28.0″W. It is 2000 ft 609.6 m high and was finished in 1985. Close to it there are two further masts of similar height, the
Tallest Towers in Alabama -WCFT-TV Tower(en)USA / Alabama / Oakman tower, television, interesting placeTV Alabama Tower for channel 33 is a 2000 foot (609.6 meter) tall guyed radio mast located near Windham Springs, in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, USA. TV Alabama Tower was built in 1996 and is the property of "TV Alabama, Inc."
KDLT TV Tower(en)USA / South_Dakota / Brandon tower, televisionThe KDLT TV Tower is a 609.6 meter (1998 ft) high guy-wired aerial mast for the transmission of FM and TV programs in Rowena, South Dakota, USA (KDLT Ch. 47 and KTTW Ch. 7). The KDLT Tower was completed in
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