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Kopitoto transmitter(en)Bulgaria / Sofija_grad / Sofia tower, transmitter, television broadcast station, radio towerKopitoto TV Tower was opened in 1985. It is named after the homonymous peak. It is 186m. tall.
DOORDARSHAN TRANSLATOR/TV Relay Center(en)India / Gujarat / Bhavnagar (Bhavnagar )television, satellite, TV tower, transmitter, information technologies, television broadcast stationBROADCASTING CORPORATION OF INDIA DOORDARSHAN BHAVNAGAR KENDRA TRANSMITTER: LPT-54
KCTS-9 Transmitter(en)USA / Washington / Seattle (Seattle)pbs, TV tower, television broadcast stationThe local PBS affiliate transmitter.
Azeri TV Tower(en)Azerbaijan / Baki / Badamdar (Baku)tower, television, transmissionBaku's new TV and communication tower. Height is 310 m.
Uday Tower(en)Bangladesh / Dhaka / Dhaka (Dhaka)telecoms, office building, television, airline companyModern Office Block, houses some top business offices. 1. AKTEL Website: 2. Channel 1 Office Phone: +880 (0)2 8859 561 / 2 / 3 E-mail: Website: 3. ALCATEL LUCENT (9th Floor) Phone: +88-02-881 02 00-4 Fax:
KXJB-TV mast(en)USA / North_Dakota / Galesburg tower, televisionThe KXJB-TV mast near Galesburg, North Dakota is the second-tallest artificial structure in the world at 2060 ft (628 m). The tallest, the KVLY-TV mast at 2063 ft, is only about five miles northeast of here.
Varna TV tower(en)Bulgaria / Varna / Varna transmitter, television broadcast station, radiocommunicationErected near Kamenitsa (Tashla tepe), the highest elevation in Varna (306 m) on the edge of Franga plateau, sacred place for the White Brotherhood (the international spriritual movement founded by Peter Deunov in Varna circa 1900)
Des Moines Hearst-Argyle Television Tower - KCCI-TV(en)USA / Iowa / Alleman tower, television, 609.6 m (2000 ft) tall guyed radio mast built in 1974. It is used to transmit KCCI-TV's signal. NOAA Weather Radio station WXL57 transmits from this site, on 162.55 MHz.
KXTV/KOVR Tower(en)USA / California / Walnut_Grove antenna, TV tower, interesting place, television broadcast The KXTV/KOVR Tower is a guyed communication tower in Walnut Grove, California that rises to 2,049 feet (624.5 m) in height. Built in 2000, it is the tallest structure in California and the fourth tallest in
Noor Tower(en)Bangladesh / Dhaka / Dhaka (Dhaka)hotel, television broadcast station1. Bangla vision office, 2. Bank Asia Address: 1/F, Free School Street 110. Bir Uttam C.R Dutta Road, Dhaka-1205. Telephone: +880-2-8653175-8 E-mail :
WJBK (FOX 2 Detroit) studios(en)USA / Michigan / Oak_Park broadcasting, broadcast, television, TV tower, transmitter, television broadcast station, Television StudioDetroit tv station originally part of Storer Communications. When the studios moved to this site in the 1960s from Second Ave & Lothrop in the New Center, the circular driveway in front of the building was named Storer Place and
Rahul's House(en)India / Haryana / Karnal (Karnal)tower, televisionHere is my Heaven........................
Rahul's Park(en)India / Haryana / Karnal (Karnal)tower, park, television
CKVR Television Tower(en)Canada / Ontario / Barrie (Barrie)tower, interesting placeCurrent CKVR Television Tower is a 304.8 metre high guyed mast for FM and TV transmission located at 44°21′1.06″N, 79°41′43.06″W, in Barrie, Ontario. It was built in 1978, after a light plane crashed into the smaller incarnation of the tower
Aerial tower(en)Australia / Victoria / Melbourne (City of Whitehorse)tower, radio, televisionProvides radio and TV signals over a wide area.
Television Tower (電視塔)(en)China / Shaanxi / Xian (Xi'an)tower, interesting place
Heilongjiang Broadcast and TV Tower ' Long Ta '(en)China / Heilongjiang / Harbin town, television, transmission
Hantana Television Tower(en)Sri_Lanka / Maha_Nuwara / Kandy (Kandy)
DOORDARSHAN KENDRA RAJKOT(en)India / Gujarat / Rajkot (Rajkot)satellite, TV tower, transmitter, information technologies, television broadcast stationTRANSMITTER:- HPT-9 tv gujarati
Broadcast House (WXYZ-TV)(en)USA / Michigan / Southfield broadcasting, broadcast, television, TV tower, transmitter, television broadcast station, Television Studio, radio towerStudios for WXYZ television, WXYT-AM and WRIF-FM radio. Facilities were moved here in 1959 from the Maccabees Building across from the Detroit Institute of Arts. WXYZ radio was the original home of The Lone Ranger and Green Hornet programs.
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