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Televisietoren (television tower)(en)Netherlands / Noord-Holland / Bussum KPN Television tower
Manotick Transmitter(en)Canada / Ontario / Constance_Bay tower, radio, television, transmission
WSTM/WCNY Television Tower(en)USA / New_York / Nedrow tower, television, transmitterAtop of this tower are the WSTM-TV3 antenna, WSTM-DT54 antenna, and WCNY-TV24 antenna. The two UHF antennas are stacked atop each other on one branch of the candelabra tower, while the VHF antenna is located on its own branch. The
Transmitter Site(en)USA / New_York / Nedrow tower, radio, television, transmitterTransmitter site of WSTM-TV3 and DT54, WCNY-TV24, and WYYY-FM.
Телецентр / Tv-tower(en)Ukraine / Odeska / Odesa (Odessa)radio, television, TV towerТелецентр с телебашней Одесское радио в инете: .
WTVH Television Tower(en)USA / New_York / Nedrow WTVH TV-5 transmits from this self-supporting tower. The antenna is 951.4' above average terrain and transmits with an effective radiated power of 83.2kW.
Turner Broadcasting Tower WTBS-TV(en)USA / Georgia / Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia)tower, televisionLocal TBS broadcast tower for WTBS-TV Channel 17 (analog) Source:
6H/30 (Sri A K Ghose)(en)India / Bihar / Phulwari (Patna)tower, television6H/30 Bahadurpur Housing Colony Bhootnath Road (South) Patna - 800026 Bihar India
WRAL TV/FM Tower(en)USA / North_Carolina / Clayton tower, radio, televisionThis 609.5 meter tower is used by television stations WRAL (5), W64CN-DT (12), WRDC (28), WRAZ (50), and W64CN (64). Also serves FM stations WRAL, WQDR, WRDU, and W237BZ. If I-540 ever gets built through here, it might have to
Kneeland TV Towers Channel 6 KVIQ(en)USA / California / Blue_Lake tower, road, television, vista, berryThe TV towers can be found on Berry Road. This is a great place to view the city from... but it might be a good idea to stand at least 100 feet from the towers while enjoying the view.
Langenberg transmission tower(en)Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Hattingen tower, television,
WJGA 92.1 FM / WKKP studios and tower(en)USA / Georgia / Jackson radio, televisionTower site for WJGA and studios for WJGA and WKKP
Alma-Ata TV tower(en)Kazakhstan / Almaty / Almaty tower, television, interesting placeThe 372м TV tower in Almaty. Construction began in 1978 and was finished in 1982. Transmissions started in 1984. Television Tower: A landmark seen throughout the city, the TV transmitter complex is located on the slopes of Koktyube mount. It
TV tower(en)Russia / Volgograd / Krasnoslobodsk (Volgograd (Stalingrad))television, TV tower
television transmission tower(en)Australia / South_Australia / Crafers-Bridgewater television transmission tower
television transmission tower(en)Australia / South_Australia / Crafers-Bridgewater television transmission tower
television transmission tower(en)Australia / South_Australia / Crafers-Bridgewater television transmission tower
Zendstation Smilde(en)Netherlands / Drenthe / Westerveld tower, television, transmissionZendstation Smilde is a tall, free-standing structure, similar to the Gerbrandy Tower and was built for directional radio services and TV and FM-transmissions in 1959 in the Netherlands. Its base is an 80 metre high reinforced concrete tower, on which
New Pump House(en)India / Bihar / Phulwari (Patna)tower, televisionNew Pump House Bahadurpur Housing Colony Patna - 800026
Zagreb Television Tower(en)Croatia / Grad_Zagreb / Kasina TV tower at Sljeme, the peak of the Medvednica mountain (which is also called Zagreb's Mountain). Altitude: cca 1033 m
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