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1937 - W3XPF one of the first TV broadcasts/WJJZ/WTHK Radio Tower(en)USA / Pennsylvania / Wyndmoor technology, televisionBefore World War II, Wyndmoor was home to one of the first experimental TV stations in the country: W3XPF, founded by television pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth. From 1937 to 1939, a stream of cartoons, sports, and live entertainment poured from
MAST (Transmission tower TV/FM Radio)(en)India / Gujarat / Memnagar (Ahmedabad)tower, television, landmark, television broadcast stationThis 150 meters TV Mast is one of the most famous landmark of Ahmedabad. Two TV Signals and Four (very soon five) FM Radio Signals are beamed from this Tower.
Doordarshan Mumbai Television Tower(en)India / Maharashtra / Mumbai (Greater Mumbai/Bombay)television, mumbai, TV tower, television broadcast stationThe 300-meter high Mumbai Television Tower is owned by the state broadcaster Doordarshan. The red and white tower is an open latticework structure.
Prasar Bharathi(en)India / Kerala / Edathala (Kakkanad)tower, televisionPrasar Bharathi Tower Doordharshan Kendra
television tower(en)Russia / Krasnodar / Krasnodar (Krasnodar)tower, television
Телевышка(en)Russia / Kaliningrad / Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad)tower, televisionФиг разглядишь. Ориентируйтесь по тени. --- by One
The Yerevan TV-Tower(en)Armenia / Yerevan / Yerevan (Yerevan)tower, televisionThe TV-Tower is situated eastward of the town of Yerevan.
Berhampore TV Tower(en)India / Bangla / Baharampur (Berhampur)tower, television, berhamporeBerhampore TV Tower
TV/Radio Transmission Centre(en)Russia / Nizhnij_Novgorod / Nizhniy_Novgorod (Nizhny Novgorod)TV tower, television, communication
my sweet TV tower(en)India / Chhattisgarh / Raipur (Raipur)tower, televisionTV tower
Pitampura TV Tower(en)India / Delhi / Bhalswa_Jahangirpur (New Delhi)pitampura, TV tower, teleport, satellite, television broadcast stationPitampura TV Tower is a 225-metre high TV tower with an observation deck that is located in the northwest of New Delhi.
AP Block, Shalimar Bagh(en)India / Delhi / Bhalswa_Jahangirpur (New Delhi)store / shop, tower, television, mall
Yekaterinburg TV Tower(en)Russia / Sverdlovsk / Yekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg)television, tower, abandonedOn-hold TV Tower of Yekaterinburg.
Television Transmitter and Tower(en)USA / Wisconsin / Rib_Mountain WAOW TV Channel 9 (ABC) WHRM TV Channel 20 (PBS) WSAW TV Channel 7 (CBS)
TV Tower, Radio FM, IGNOU Transmitter,(en)India / Bihar / Phulwari (Patna)tower, television, radio, fm, transmitterTV Tower of Patna Bahadurpur Housing Colony Patna - 800026
tv tower(en)Canada / Alberta / Beaumont (Sherwood Park)tower, television
TV Tower(en)India / Bangla / Chakdaha (Kolkata Metropolitan District - Gateway to the East :The Most Preferred Urban Destination of India after 2015)tower, television, golf course, greenPicture of TV Tower from South-East - Picture of TV Tower from West (Uday Sankar Sarani)-
Constantia Berg(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Cape Town)tower, radio, televisionMain radio and TV site for Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula. The station began radio broadcasts on 20 December, 1962, while TV transmissions began in 1976.
Television Tower(en)Saudi_Arabia / Riad / Riyadh (Riyadh -Arriyadh)Riyadh TV tower.
KMSP Tower(en)USA / Minnesota / Shoreview (Shoreview, MN)tower, radio, television, transmissionA 446.8 meter (1466 feet) high guy-wired aerial mast for the transmission of FM radio and television programs. The tower, which was built in 1971, is owned by KMSP channel 9 of Eden Prairie, Minnesota but is shared by several
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