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Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump(en)Canada / Alberta / Fort_MacLeod UNESCO World Heritage SiteIn south-west Alberta, the remains of marked trails and an aboriginal camp, and a tumulus where vast quantities of buffalo (American Bison) skeletons can still be found, are evidence of a custom practised by aboriginal peoples of the North American
Itsukushima Shrine(en)Japan / Hiroshima / Ono (Hatsukaichi City)shrine, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Chengde Moutain Resort(en)China / Hebei / Chengde (Chengde)temple, UNESCO World Heritage SiteChengde mountain resort is in Hebei province as an imperial summer retreat and hunting grounds during the Qing Dynasty. At 564 square kilometres it’s the world’s largest imperial garden, though almost half of its area is taken up by the
莫高窟Mogao Caves(en)China / Gansu / Yumen temple, china, world, site, heritage, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteSituated at a strategic point along the Silk Route, at the crossroads of trade as well as religious, cultural and intellectual influences, the 492 cells and cave sanctuaries in Mogao are famous for their statues and wall paintings, spanning 1,000
Split(en)Croatia / Split-Dalmacija / Split city, split, grad, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Wadi Qadisha(en)Lebanon / as-Samal / Tarabulus_as-Sam valley, forest, UNESCO World Heritage SiteWadi Qadisha has been inhabited mainly by monks since early christianity. Classified as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO: There are four main monastic complexes: The Qannubine Monastery The Monastery of St Anthony of Qozhaya The Monastery of
Jiuzhai Valley National Park(en)China / Sichuan / Jiangyou temple, valley, city, park, lake, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteLiterally means "Valley of Nine Villages" or valley with nine Tibetan villages. Jiuzhaigou is a nature reserve famous for its beautiful landscape, waterfalls and colorful lakes in the north of Sichuan province near the Gansu border.(part of the Aba Tibetan
Vicenza(en)Italy / Veneto / Vicenza city, UNESCO World Heritage SiteUNESCO inscribed "Vicenza, City of Palladio" on its list of World Heritage Sites.
Soltaniyeh(en)Iran / Zanjan / Zanjan city, historic, UNESCO World Heritage SiteSoltaniyeh (Persian: سلطانيه) situated in the Zanjan Province of Iran, some 240 km to the north-west from Tehran, used to be the capital of Ilkhanid rulers of Persia in the 14th century. Its name translates as "the Imperial". The central
The Elephanta Caves Complex(en)India / Maharashtra / Uran cave, UNESCO World Heritage SiteTake a boat from gateway of India to reach Elephanta caves. The Trimurti is the main attraction of these caves for the tourists.
Thingvellir(en)Iceland / Sudurland / Hveragerdi historic, geology, democracy, UNESCO World Heritage SiteNational Park and site of the original Parliament.
Roman Arena(en)France / Provence-Alpes-Cote-dAzur / Arles (Arles)roman empire, amphitheatre, arles, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Roman Arena is the most heavily visited tourist attraction in the city of Arles, which is the gateway to the Camargue. The Arena was built around 1 B.C., or approximately 125 years after the Romans colonized Arles and the
Henderson Island(en)Smaller_Territories_(UK) / Pitcairn / Adamstown island, pacific, UNESCO World Heritage SiteHenderson Island is an uninhabited coral island located 193 kilometers northeast of Pitcairn Island, which which it is administratively linked. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988, because of its bird life and untouched phosphate reserves. This island
Wohnstadt Carl Legien UNESCO WHL border(en)Germany / Berlin / Berlin (Berlin)berlin, condominium, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Old City (İcheri sheher)(en)Azerbaijan / Baki / Baku (Baku)historic, UNESCO World Heritage Site, historic centreOld City since X-XII century with many historical architectural objects. Place of interest
Cocos Island(en)Costa_Rica / Puntarenas / Parrita island, UNESCO World Heritage SiteCocos Island National Park, located 550 km off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is the only island in the tropical eastern Pacific with a tropical rainforest. Its position as the first point of contact with the northern equatorial counter-current,
Great Wall at Badaling(en)China / Beijing / Changping interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe great wall of China at Badaling.
Villa of the Mysteries(en)Italy / Campania / Pompei UNESCO World Heritage SiteOne of the most beautiful and best preserved villas of all Pompei Ruins. It's famous for its wall paintings.
The Great Sundarbans (India and Bangladesh)(en)Bangladesh / Bagar_Hat / Mungla forest, swamp, UNESCO World Heritage SiteSundarbans, The largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world, located in the southern part of Bangladesh. It lies on the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta at the point where it merges with the bay of bengal. The forest lies
Paquime(en)Mexico / Chihuahua / Casas_Grandes museum, archaeological site, UNESCO World Heritage SitePaquime archaeological site (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998) Museum of Northern Cultures
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