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Menshikov battery(en)Russia / Sankt_Petersburg / Kronshtadt (Saint Petersburg)fortification, listed building, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Potala Palace(en)China / Xizang / Lasa (Lhasa)palace, UNESCO World Heritage Site, museumThe Potala Palace, winter palace of the Dalai Lama since the 7th century, symbolizes Tibetan Buddhism and its central role in the traditional administration of Tibet. The complex, comprising the White and Red Palaces with their ancillary buildings, is built
Persepolis(en)Iran / Fars / Marv_Dasht tourism, ancient, archaeological site, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SitePersepolis (Old Persian: Pars, New Persian: تخت جمشید, Takht-e Jamshid) was an ancient ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire. The palace complex of Persepolis was constructed in the 5th century BCE as the capital of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. Construction
Český Krumlov(en)Czech_Republic / Jihocesky / Chesky_Krumlov castle, czech republic, medieval, vltava, UNESCO World Heritage SiteSituated on the banks of the Vltava river, the town was built around a 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. It is an outstanding example of a small central European medieval town whose architectural heritage has remained intact
Tiantan Park (Temple of Heaven)(en)China / Beijing / Peking (Beijing)temple, UNESCO World Heritage Site, parkTiantan Park is much bigger than the Forbidden City and smaller than the Summer Palace with an area of about 2,700,000 square meters. The Temple was built in 1420 A.D. during the Ming Dynasty to offer sacrifice to Heaven. This
Royal Exhibition Building(en)Australia / Victoria / Melbourne (Melbourne)UNESCO World Heritage Site, exhibition centreThe Royal Exhibition Building is a World Heritage Site-listed building in Melbourne, Australia, completed in 1880. It is located at 9 Nicholson Street in the Carlton Gardens, flanked by Victoria, Nicholson, Carlton and Rathdowne Streets, at the north-eastern edge of
Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale)(en)Italy / Piemonte / Turin (Turin)UNESCO World Heritage Site, museum
Stupinigi Palace & Park(en)Italy / Piemonte / Nichelino palace, arte, architecture, storia, UNESCO World Heritage Site, parkStupinigi, was one of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy, is the palazzina di caccia ("hunting lodge"), 10 km southwest of the heart of Turin, built by Filippo Juvarra beginning in 1729 for Vittorio Amedeo II, King of
Ironbridge(en)United_Kingdom / England / Broseley tourism, village, bridge, UNESCO World Heritage SiteIronbridge is a settlement beside the River Severn, at the heart of the Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire, England. It lies in the parish of The Gorge, in the borough of Telford and Wrekin. The village grew up beside, and takes
Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork(en)Poland / Pomorskie / Malbork (Malbork)tower, castle, museum, fortification, UNESCO World Heritage Site, parkMalbork Castle, built by the Teutonic Order as an Ordensburg and named Marienburg (literally "Mary's Castle"). The castle is a classic example of a medieval fortress; it is the world’s largest brick Gothic castle and one of the most impressive
Tōdai-ji (jap.: 東大寺)(en)Japan / Nara / Nara (Nara)UNESCO World Heritage Site, buddhist templeTōdai-ji (東大寺) (meaning the Eastern Great Temple), is a Buddhist temple complex located in the city of Nara, Japan. Its Great Buddha Hall (大仏殿 Daibutsuden), reputedly the largest wooden building in the world, houses a colossal bronze statue of the
Kofuku-ji Temple(en)Japan / Nara / Nara (Nara)UNESCO World Heritage Site, buddhist
Heijō Palace (Old Imperial Palace site)(en)Japan / Nara / Nara (Nara)ruins, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage Site, (Nara World Heritage Citizen Network) (Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties )
Red Fort(en)India / Delhi / Delhi (New Delhi)museum, fortification, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Red Fort (Hindi: लाल क़िला, Urdu: لال قلعہ , usually transcribed into English as Lal Qil'ah or Lal Qila) is a 17th century fort complex constructed by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan in the walled city of Old Delhi (in
DuJiang Irrigation System - Unesco World Heritage(en)China / Sichuan / Guangkou china, sichuan, UNESCO World Heritage Site, irrigation, system, historicThe Dujiangyan Irrigation System (都江堰; pinyin: Dū Jiāng Yàn) is a historical Chinese irrigation system constructed around 250 BCE by governor of Shu, Li Bing (李冰) and his son, 56 km west of present day Chengdu, which it still supplies
The Great Pyramids of Giza(en)Egypt / Giseh / Gizeh (Greater Cairo)pyramid, UNESCO World Heritage Site, monument, glorious, interesting The Giza Necropolis (coordinates 29°58′33″N, 31°07′49″E) stands on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. This complex of ancient monuments is located some eight km inland into the desert from the old town of Giza on
Carignano Palace(en)Italy / Piemonte / Turin (Turin)palace, UNESCO World Heritage SiteMuseum of the Italian Risorgimento, venue of the first Italian Parliament.
Royal Armoury & Royal Library(en)Italy / Piemonte / Turin (Turin)museum, library, armoury, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Villa of the Queen(en)Italy / Piemonte / Turin (Turin)UNESCO World Heritage Site, interesting please note that the site incorrectly reports that the mansion is closed for restoration while currently works are terminated and visits are allowed
Valletta(en)Malta / Inner_Harbour / Floriana capital, UNESCO World Heritage SiteValletta, capital city of Malta and UNESCO world heritage site. Earliest known 'planned' city in the world, with perfectly square roads intersecting at right angles. Surrounded by high fortifications and the sea and Fort St. Elmo . Simon Caruana.
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