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Robben Island Maximum Security Facility(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Ashur(en)Iraq / Salahh-ad-Din / Bayji city, UNESCO World Heritage SiteCapital of ancient Assyria. Sacred city of the god Assur, also known as Marduk.
Trier(en)Germany / Rheinland-Pfalz / Trier city, UNESCO World Heritage SiteTrier (French: Trèves; Luxembourgish: Tréier; Spanish: Tréveris; Latin: Augusta Treverorum) is a city in Germany on the banks of the Moselle River. It is the oldest city in Germany, founded in or before 16 BC. Trier is not the only
Carthage(en)Tunisia / Tunis / Hhalq-al-Wadi (Tunis)historic, antique, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteOnce one of the greatest cities in the world, Carthage claimed a large empire by the 3rd century BC and was a center of trade throughout the Mediterranean. It was founded by the Phoenicians from Tyre in the 9th century
Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod(en)Russia / Novgorod / Velikiy_Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod)church, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed buildingThe Cathedral of St. Sophia (the Holy Wisdom of God) in the Kremlin (or Detinets) in Novgorod the Great is the cathedral church of the Archbishop of Novgorod and the mother church of the Novgorodian Eparchy. Construction took place between
Fort bij Spijkerboor(en)Netherlands / Noord-Holland / Zaanstad historic, fortification, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteFort bij Spijkerboor (1913) is one of 42 fortifications of the so-called Defence Line of Amsterdam. Recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage site, Mostly mostly due to the ingenious concept of using controlled flooding, to stop the enemy. Typical
Sitorai Makhi Khosa(en)Uzbekistan / Buxoro / Galaosiyo palace, museum, UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed buildingPopularly known as the Emir's Summer Palace this charming and nauseating collection of dwellings and state rooms was built by the Russians in 1911 for the last Emir Alim Khan, as an inducement to get him out of the Ark
Architectural reserve "Old Urgench (Kunya Urgench)(en)Turkmenistan / Dasoguz / Kohne_Urgenc historic, archaeological site, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Ancient Merv(en)Turkmenistan / Mari / Bayramali archaeological site, UNESCO World Heritage Site, historic centreMerv is the oldest and best-preserved of the oasis-cities along the Silk Route in Central Asia. The remains in this vast oasis span 4,000 years of human history. A number of monuments are still visible, particularly from the last two
Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México(en)Mexico / Distrito_Federal / Mexico_City (Mexico City)downtown, centre, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteMexico City Dowtown is an obligatory stop for those who want to learn the history of Latin America. Some places than you can visit here are: the Fine Arts Palace, the National Palace, the Zocalo ,the Cateral Metropolitana, the National
Halong Bay(en)Vietnam / Mien_Nui_Va_Trung_Du / Hong_Gai water, bay, UNESCO World Heritage SiteWith thousands of islands, Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful natural heritages of the world (recognized by UNESCO). For more details, please explore a virtual tour at the web: Hope you enjoy, and vote for Ha Long
Boutiqe(en)Ethiopia / Tigray / Aksum (Axum - UNESCO World Heritage Site)Shopping and Service
Sucre(en)Bolivia / Chuquisaca / Sucre (Sucre (Capital of Bolivia))city, capital, UNESCO World Heritage SiteSucre (population 247,300 in 2006) is the constitutional capital of Bolivia, seat of the Supreme Court (Corte Suprema de Justicia)
Heraion of Samos(en)Greece / Samos / Khyra temple, ancient, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Tubbataha Reef Marine Park(en)Philippines / Cagayan_Valley / Sanchez-Mira interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage Sitesee: The name 'Tubbataha' is a Samal word for "long reef exposed at low tide". Samals are seafaring people of the Sulu Sea. Cagayanen people who are more geographically associated with Tubbataha Reefs referred the Park as 'gusong'. Tubbataha
Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği(en)Turkey / Sivas / Divrigi (Divriği)museum, hospital, mosque, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe place has been identified as the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.
Sukhothai historical park (UNESCO World Heritage Site)(en)Thailand / Sukhothai / Sukhothai temple, world, site, kingdom, ruins, ancient, heritage, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Sukhothai Historical Park covers the ruins of Sukhothai, capital of the Sukhothai kingdom in the 13th and 14th centuries, in what is now the north of Thailand. It is located near the modern city of Sukhothai, capital of the
"Hoi An" Ancient Town(phố cổ Hội An)(en)Vietnam / Duyen_Hai_Mien_Trung / Hoi_An city, world, site, heritage, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Si Satchanalai historical park (UNESCO World Heritage Site)(en)Thailand / Sukhothai / Si_Satchanalai interesting placeThe Si Satchanalai Historical Park (Thai: อุทยานประวัติศาสตร์ศรีสัชนาลัย) is a historical park in Si Satchanalai district, Sukhothai Province, northern Thailand. Si Satchanalai was the second-most important town of the Sukhothai kingdom.
National Museum Boyana Church(en)Bulgaria / Sofija_grad / Sofia (Sofia)church, museum, UNESCO World Heritage SiteLocated on the outskirts of Sofia, Boyana Church consists of three buildings. The eastern church was built in the 10th century, then enlarged at the beginning of the 13th century by Sebastocrator Kaloyan, who ordered a second two storey building
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