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Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture(en)Portugal / Acores / Horta interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe 987-ha site on the volcanic island of Pico, the second largest in Azores archipelago, consists of a remarkable pattern of spaced-out, long linear walls running inland from, and parallel to, the rocky shore. The walls were built to protect
Tipaza roman ruins(en)Algeria / Tibazah / Tibazah (Tipaza)museum, ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological site. Was a roman site with theatre, churches, baths. Unesco world site since 1982
Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari UNESCO World Heritage Site(en)Bulgaria / Razgrad / Zavet museum, UNESCO World Heritage SiteCelebrated 3rd-century BCE Thracian kurgan tomb within a complex of about a hundred burial mounds and the remains of a large ancient city, perhaps Helis (Daosdava), capital of the Getae king Dromichaetes, mentioned by Strabo, Pausanias (geographer), and Diodorus Siculus
Eminönü(en)Turkey / Istanbul / Istanbul (Istanbul)region, UNESCO World Heritage SiteEminönü (former district)
West Berlin(en)Germany / Brandenburg / Kleinmachnow (Berlin)region, UNESCO World Heritage SiteWest-Berlin became an exclave after the Second World War. Germany had lost and was partitioned. The Western allies (USA, UK and France) united their German territories in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) while the Soviet Union created the German
Ancient city of Palmyra(en)Syria / Hhims / Tudmur (Palmyra (Tadmur))ancient, syria, palmyra, palmira, tadmur, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SitePalmyra (Arabic: تدمر) was in ancient times an important city of central Syria, located in an oasis 215 km northeast of Damascus and 120 km southwest of the Euphrates. It has long been a vital caravan city for travellers crossing
Innere Stadt(en)Austria / Wien / Vienna (Vienna)city, ring, district, region, innere, UNESCO World Heritage SiteInnere Stadt - "The Inner City" The Innere Stadt is the first Viennese Municipality District. The Innere Stadt is the old town of Vienna. Until the city boundaries were expanded in 1850, the Innere Stadt was congruent with the city.
Yungang Grottoes(en)China / Shanxi / Datong interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteOne of the Highlights of Chinese culture - a UN- Heritage Site.
Bisotun(en)Iran / Kermanshah / Harsin monument, archaeological site, relief, bas, UNESCO World Heritage SiteBisotun (also Bisitun or Behistun, Modern Persian: بیستون, Old Persian: Bagastana, meaning "the god's place or land") is located along the ancient trade route linking the Iranian high plateau with Mesopotamia and features remains from the prehistoric times to the
Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge(en)Bosnia_and_Herzegovina / Republika_Srpska / Visegrad (Višegrad)bridge, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad across the Drina River in Republic of Srpska (Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina) was built at the end of the 16th century by the Ottoman court architect Sinan on the order of the Grand
Candi Sari(en)Indonesia / Jawa_Tengah / Prambanan temple, UNESCO World Heritage Site, buddhist templeIt is located about 130 meters north east from Kalasan temple. This temple was a two story building with wooden beams, floors, stairs completed with windows and doors; all from organic materials which now are decayed and gone. It is
Sanahin Monastery(en)Armenia / Lori / Alaverdi (Sanahin )monastery, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe architectural complexes of Sanahin and Haghpat are among the outstanding works of medieval Armenian architecture. In their artistic merits they transcend the limits of national culture. Maps:
Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara - Piauí - Brasil(en)Brazil / Piaui / Sao_Raimundo_Nonato park, archaeological site, UNESCO World Heritage SiteSerra da Capivara National Park is a national park in the north east of Brazil. It has many ancient caves bearing cave paintings. The park was created to protect the prehistoric artifacts and paintings found there. It became a World
Haghpat Monastery(en)Armenia / Lori / Alaverdi (Haghpat)church, monastery, armenia, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe exact date of the foundation of Haghpat is unknown. Documentary evidence suggest that these structure dates back to the middle of the 10th century. The most important of the buildings is St.Nshan church, founded by Khosrovanuish in 976 and
Uvs Nuur - UNESCO World Heritage Site(en)Mongolia / Uvs / Ulaangom lake, mongolia, UNESCO World Heritage SiteIt is one of the world biggest saline lake and biggest in Mongolia i.e. bigger than Lake Khövsgöl(Fresh water lake).
Rio Abiseo National Park(en)Peru / San_Martin / Huicungo park, nature conservation park / area, UNESCO World Heritage Site
San Miguel de Velasco(en)Bolivia / Santa_Cruz / San_Miguel village, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Plantin-Moretus Museum(en)Belgium / Antwerpen / Antwerp (Antwerp)museum, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Plantin-Moretus Museum is a museum honouring the famous printers Christoffel Plantijn and Jan Moretus. It is located in their former printing establishment, Plantin Press, founded by Plantijn in the 16th century. The city of Antwerp acquired the property in
Yellowstone National Park(en)USA / Montana / Gardiner park, nature conservation park / area, UNESCO World Heritage Yellowstone National Park became the world's first national park on March 1, 1872. Located mostly in the U.S. state of Wyoming, the park extends into Montana and Idaho. The park is known for its wildlife and geothermal features,
Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo UNESCO World Heritage Site(en)Bulgaria / Ruse / Dve_Mogili church, monastery, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteA group of monolithic churches, chapels and monasteries hewn out of solid rock near the village of Ivanovo, 20 km south of Rousse, on the high rocky banks of the Rusenski Lom, 32 m above the river. The complex is
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