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Lakenhal and Belfry(en)Belgium / Antwerpen / Herentals (Herentals)monument, town hall, UNESCO World Heritage SiteBuilt in the 15th century by the bed sheet makers and wool painters as a dry hall. Before 1430 called 'gulde huys', 'Meethuys' and 'loterhuys', used as town hall since 1430. Almost completely destroyed by fire in 1512, rebuilt in
Bourges Cathedral(en)France / Centre / Bourges (Bourges)cathedral, church, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe cathedral at Bourges (late 12th - late 13th century) presents an architectural unity rarely seen in other great medieval churches, having been designed and built as a whole rather than in stages over many centuries. With no transept, it
Cartagena(en)Colombia / Bolivar / Cartagena city, cartagena, UNESCO World Heritage SiteCartagena de Indias (pronounced [kaɾtaˈhena ð̞e ˈin̪d̪jas] in Spanish; the usual English pronunciation is IPA: /ˌkɑrtəˈheɪnə deɪ ˈɪndiəs/), is a large city seaport on the northern coast of Colombia. Capital of the Bolívar Department, it has a population of 1,240,000
Torhalle, Lorsch Abbey(en)Germany / Hessen / Lorsch gate, monastery, benedictine, gatehouse, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe 9th-century 'Torhalle' (gatehouse) is a unique survival of the Carolingian era. It curiously combines some elements of the Roman triumphal arch (arch-shaped passageways, half-columns) with the vernacular Teutonic heritage (baseless triangles of the blind arcade, polychromatic masonry).
Wat Phou (UNESCO World Heritage Site)(en)Laos / Champasak / Champasak temple, UNESCO World Heritage SiteWat Phou (Vat Phu) is a ruined Khmer temple complex in southern Laos. It is located at the base of mount Phu Kao, some 6 km from the Mekong river in Champassak province. There was a temple on the site
Srebarna Nature Reserve UNESCO World Heritage Site(en)Romania / Calarasi / Ciocanesti lake, nature, birds, reserve, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Srebarna Nature Reserve is a freshwater lake adjacent to the Danube and extending over 600 ha. It is the breeding ground of almost 100 species of birds, many of which are rare or endangered. Some 80 other bird species
Robben Island Bar(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)bar
Assembly Hall(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)Mostly used for functions for staff and dancing that was open for the public some Friday nights.
Ancient City of Taxila(en)Pakistan / Punjab / Taxila historic, archaeological site, punjab, civilization, interesting place, subdistrict, UNESCO World Heritage SiteTaxila is situated about 35 km to the west of Capital Territory Islamabad and to the northwest of Rawalpindi, Punjab, pakistan, just off the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) built by Pathan Ruler Sher Shah Suuri. Taxila (Urdu: ٹیکسلا, Sanskrit:
Ancient Memphis(en)Egypt / Giseh / El_Badrashin UNESCO World Heritage SiteAncient Memphis
Mohenjo Daro(en)Pakistan / Sind / Dokri city, museum, monument, historic, archaeological site, oldest, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage Site, historic centreMohenjo Daro (2600-1900 BC), part of Indus Valley Civilisation Archaeological ruins of Mohenjo Daro (‘mound of the dead’), one of the oldest cities of the world. Dates back to 4600 years. Part of Indus Valley Civilization. Mohenjo-daro was built around
Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya)(en)Zimbabwe / Matabeleland_North / Victoria_Falls waterfall, UNESCO World Heritage SiteAfrica's "The Smoke that Thunders" are, by some measures, the largest waterfall on the planet, as well as being among the most unusual in form, and having arguably the most diverse and easily-seen wildlife of any major waterfall site.
Weapons storage(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)Weapons and ammunitions and various other items were kept here.
Paphos Archaeological Park(en)Cyprus / Government_controlled_area / Pafos (Paphos)archaeological site, UNESCO World Heritage SitePlace: Paphos (Cyprus) Where: Paphos Archaeological Park When: Daily Cost: CYP 1.50 Opening times: Jun-Aug 8am-7.30pm; Sep-May 8am-5pm These sumptuous Roman mosaics are some of the finest to have been discovered in the ancient world. They decorated the homes of
Old housing units(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)When Robben Island was a leper colony (late 1800s to early 1900s) this is where they resided.
French Yacht(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)Caught in a storm during the Rothmans around the world race. Salvageable parts were stripped from the yacht and returned to its original owners. The hull is all that remains intact.
Shooting Range(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Medium security prison(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)Prison which held less violent inmates and inmates scheduled for release. Also inmates that worked at various locations on the island such as the school/store/restaurant/ ect....were housed over here.
Prison kitchen where all the political convicts had their meals. (KATKOP)(en)South_Africa / Western_Cape / Cape_Town (Robben Island - UNESCO World Heritage Site)For those who do not understand the meaning of (KATKOP) - This is the name of the sandwich that were handed out to the convicts when they were out working in the fields and not able to eat lunch in
Goslar(en)Germany / Niedersachsen / Goslar town, UNESCO World Heritage SiteGoslar is a historic town in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is the administrative centre of the district of Goslar and located on the northwestern slopes of the Harz hills. Goslar and the mines are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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