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Fraser Island - World Heritage Site(en)Australia / Victoria / Torquay park, island, nature conservation park / area, UNESCO World Heritage SiteGBR 25-001 The largest sand island in the world. See
Shark Bay(en)Australia / Western_Australia / Carnarvon world, site, australia, heritage, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteShark Bay Marine Park is the site of the world's largest known area of seagrass, with seagrass meadows covering over 4000 km² of the bay. foto:
Willandra Lakes Region(en)Australia / Victoria / Mildura world, site, lake, australia, heritage, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe fossil remains of a series of lakes and sand formations that date from the Pleistocene can be found in this region, together with archaeological evidence of human occupation dating from 45–60,000 years ago. It is a unique landmark in
Ancient Roman theater in Bosra(en)Syria / Dara / Busr-as-Sam (Bosra Asham)museum, archaeological site, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteBosra (Arabic: بصرى‎, also transliterated Bostra, Busrana, Bozrah, Bozra, Busra Eski Şam, Busra ash-Sham, Nova Trajana Bostra) is an ancient city administratively belonging to the Daraa Governorate in southern modern-day Syria. It is an archaeological and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Nea Moni(en)Greece / Hios / Vrontados monastery, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Kakadu National Park(en)Australia / Northern_Territory / Jabiru park, narodowy, UNESCO World Heritage SiteA very large park, has a lot of natural interesting features. Rivers, landforms and wildlife.UNESCO World heritage site since 1981
Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis(en)Egypt / Luxor / Luxor ruins, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThebes, the city of the god Amon, was the capital of Egypt during the period of the Middle and New Kingdoms. With the temples and palaces at Karnak and Luxor, and the necropolises of the Valley of the Kings and
McDonald Islands(en)French_Southern_Territories / Kerguelen / Port-aux-Francais island, UNESCO World Heritage SiteAn uninhabited, barren islands. Part of Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) which have been territories of Australia since 1947. Unesco world heritage site since 1997. The McDonald Islands are located 44 kilometres to the west of Heard Island at
Blue Mountains (Upper), Australia(en)Australia / New_South_Wales / Lithgow mountain, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia (the upper section, see also Lower Blue Mountains which starts at Paramatta), are found approximately 48 kilometres west of Sydney.[1] They are a range of sandstone geological structures that reach to at
Sedlec Ossuary(en)Czech_Republic / Stredocesky / Hlizov (Kutná Hora)church, chapel, cemetery, bones, UNESCO World Heritage Sitea small Roman Catholic chapel, located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints (Czech: Hřbitovní kostel Všech Svatých) in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutná Hora The Sedlec Ossuary (Czech: kostnice Sedlec) is a small Roman Catholic chapel, located beneath the
Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve(en)USA / Alaska / Elfin_Cove park, alaska, nature conservation park / area, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe area around Glacier Bay in southeastern Alaska was first proclaimed a U.S. National Monument on February 25, 1925. It was changed to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in 1980 by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. It
Abbey of St. Gall(en)Switzerland / Sankt_Gallen / Saint_Gall (St. Gallen)monastery, stift, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Abbey of St. Gall (German: Sankt Gallen) was for many centuries one of the chief Benedictine abbeys in Europe. It has existed since 719 and became an independent principality during the 13th Century. It was founded by Saint Othmar
Skellig Michael (Sceilig Mhichíl)(en)Ireland / Kerry / Cahirciveen island, historic, monastery, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe larger of the two Skellig Islands off the Iveragh Peninsula. Now uninhabited, though it supported a monastery from 588 to the 12th Century. Though ruined, the monastery is still in good condition. The island is a nature reserve supporting
Bosra's Historic Quarter(en)Syria / Dara / Busr-as-Sam (Bosra Asham)interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteBosra's Historic city and landmarks are located here.
Gorm's runestone(en)Denmark / Vejle / Jelling (Jelling)UNESCO World Heritage Site
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park(en)Uganda / Western / Ntungamo park, jungle, nature conservation park / area, UNESCO World Heritage SiteBwindi Impenetrable National Park is part of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and comprises 331 square kilometres of jungle forests and contains both montane and lowland forest. It is accessible only on foot. The forest is one of the richest ecosystems
Kamchiya UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (Longoz)(en)Bulgaria / Ruse / Bjala park, reservation, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Al-Omari Mosque(en)Syria / Dara / Busr-as-Sam (Bosra Asham)mosque, archaeological site, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage SiteThe Al-Omari Mosque is an early Islamic-era mosque in the Roman city of Bosra, Syria. The mosque is one of the oldest surviving mosques in Islamic history. It was founded by Caliph Umar, who led the Muslim conquest of Syria.
Gango-ji Temple (Gango-ji Gokurakubo)(en)Japan / Nara / Nara (Nara)temple, historic, UNESCO World Heritage Site, buddhist
Shosoin(en)Japan / Nara / Nara (Nara)historic, interesting place, UNESCO World Heritage
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